Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm back from the dead (or the flu) it felt like death for a few days though. Man I'm glad that's over! Phew!
Thanks for all the get well wishes! You guys are the best!!
Since you were so nice I will give you my one post for the week that I know you all appreciate most: Friday Faves!!!

The best way to transition to Spring in my opinion, is to mix in some short sleeved tops with jeans and sandals.
Madewell Frozen Sparkles Tee - on Sale for $39.99

Madewell - Linden Lace Tee - $39.50

I love a breezy summer dress and this one looks perfect in every way!
Check out this cute purse that can be worn as a backpack too! Maybe for Barcelona?? Think my new camera would fit in there?

Forever21 - Leatherette Tassel Handbag - $32.80

How fun are these sandals? They're the definition of casual summer to me. I see myself sporting these with the white dress and brown backpack to the Art District's 1st Friday, drinking a Stella and listening to street music. Ahhh Summer's near...
PiperLime - DV Nyle Sandal - $59

And of course I'm SO excited for Lady GaGa's New Cd! You can listen to her first single off of it here.

Happy Weekend friends! We're off to a "RockStar" Party tonight... wish me luck on the last minute costume I've yet to come up with... :)

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Julia Miggins said...

tine i'm diggin those sandals! i like the backpack purse too but it might not be the best for barcelona pick-pocketers, try to find a cross-body that zips!