Monday, February 7, 2011

Snippets from our Super Bowl

This weather made Dave sick and then he passed it along to me. He was lucky enough to get over his in a couple days, while mine is still lingering... I'm headed to the doctor in a minute to hopefully get rid of this thing!

We had plans to go watch the Superbowl at one of Dave's dental school friends house but seeing how I couldn't stand up long enough to make a bath for myself we ended up staying home.

Luckily, I was feeling better on Saturday for a bit and was able to make Pioneer Woman's Restaurant Style Salsa! OMG you guys, this is to. die. for. I will never buy grocery store salsa again!

I'm insanely jealous of everyone who got to pig out on superbowl food! All I managed to have was a few bites of salsa... it was good but it was not wings and queso and sausage balls and cookies... ahhh I might have to have a little superbowl party for myself when I get over this sinus infection!

This was by far my favorite commercial, we've all had that minor panic attack when we thought we may have accidentally hit "Reply All". Now we know what to do if so!

And the dogs enjoyed the Puppy Bowl this year!

What was your favorite commercial?


melissa said...

I really liked the Doritos commercial where the guy licked the cheese off the other guy's fingers. That one really cracked me up.

Hope you feel better soon!

katie@tulsadetails said...

How did I not know PW had a salsa recipe?! Hope you are feeling better!! I liked the Bridgestone beaver commercial. It cracked me up!

Emily @ EMILY POSTS said...

I love that commercial! Not sure how I missed it!!


smithpeasinapod said...

hahha I love that commercial! I enjoyed the Darth Vader/Volkswagon commercial too. I missed the puppy bowl...there was apparently a corgi! Did you see it??
Hope you feel better :)