Monday, August 27, 2012

Do you remember?

Do you remember when I used to blog? Yeah, me too.. Sorry about that friends. I'm trying to be better but I think I have a pretty valid excuse....
A few weeks ago we were coming back from Tulsa and my car up and died. Like dead. done-zo. no more drivey. Or in mechanic terms "the engine through a rod", basically meaning I needed a new engine and it was going to cost $3k to put one in... long story short we decided a new car was a better investment. So I've felt kinda like my life was in shambles trying to figure the whole car purchase out. Oh and this happened 4 days before we were leaving for Florida for 9 days. Great timing!

Thanks to AAA for coming out to tow away the Jeep, we only had to wait about an hour. Luckily, we weren't far from OKC so Dave's parents were nice enough to come pick us up.

Now here's the fun part:
It was 100 degrees out and we were nervous about the dogs getting over-heated so we kept making them drink water to stay cool and we were fanning them off, but that kind of back fired... once we got into the AC, poor little Cooper couldn't hold it anymore and just peed all over us! I didn't want to set him down on the side of the turnpike b/c we didn't have a leash so it's totally our fault and we couldn't even be mad at that point, it was just the icing on the cake.

And in case you didn't read all that let me timeline that to make it easier:
  1. Jeep died on Turnpike from Tulsa to OKC
  2. AAA card had expired so I had to re-new
  3. Oklahoma AAA office was closed so I had to explain to some guy whose never been to OK (and didn't know how to spell it) where we were stranded
  4. Had to wait an hour for a tow truck
  5. Worried about the dogs having a heat stroke so fanned them for an hour and fed them water
  6. Rescued by Dave's parents and AAA tow truck
  7. Cooper peed all over us

I couldn't decide what kind of car I wanted for the life of me... all I knew was that I wanted an SUV with either FWD or 4WD b/c the Jeep had RWD and it was Awful on the snow! I know we only get a couple of days a year where I'd need it but we decided it's worth it for those couple of days.
So I looked at a few crossovers and just didn't like any of them! They're too small to be considered SUV's! Seriously.

After lots of searching and lots of haggling I finally have a car! (3 weeks later)
My shiny new (used) 4Runner with 4WD! Love it so far!Here's my 2 favorite things about it: Navigation and Sunroof! :)

I look forward to driving this car for many many years! (and for my life to get back to normal)

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