Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It's that time again..

The time of year that comes up only every 4 years, and obvi I'm not talking about Leap Year, that already happened this year duh. I'm talking about The Olympics!!!

In case you ruined your best Red, White, and Blue outfit on the lake for the 4th of July.... here are some great options I've found to show your Team USA pride!

For the man in your life, or for yourself, this looks super comfy:
For the kiddo - how cute is this?!
Some more subtle options for you:

And if you feel like going all out...

What will you be sporting to show your Team USA Pride?


melissa said...

Fun! Blaire and I will probably improvise with some red, white and blue we already have. My husband has this truly god awful american flag polo shirt that he bought at Bass Pro Shops for the World Cup a couple years ago. It's basically the tackiest shirt you've ever seen. He thinks it's hilarious. He'll be sporting that.

My sister's boyfriend and his friend had shirts made that say "USA - Back to back world war champions." They're nuts.

Jax said...

I LOVE the Olympics! I need to look up the schedule of events for ones I just absolutely can't miss (since we no longer have a DVR). Adorable outfits, girl!