Thursday, July 5, 2012

Home Renovations

We've always had this closet off of our kitchen that served as a utility closet, i.e. where we kept the broom, swiffer and tools. It was plumbed for a half bath when we bought the house so we'd always intended to get a toilet and sink installed, however, something else always sounded like more fun.

I think the conversation usually went like this:
Me: Hey, we could use the tax return to put that half bath in.
Dave: yeah we could
Me: Or we could go on vacation
Dave: yeah let's do that
Me: k cool

Enter Dave's parents: "We'd like to help you guys out and put that half bathroom in for you"
Us: "Seriously?!?"
Them: "yeah, when works for you?"
Us: "umm whenever... seriously? Thank you!!!"

A couple of months later, Dave cleaned out the utility closet and the plumber came over and did his thing.

So we went from this:
yes, that's me modeling where the toilet will go.
 To this:

 We're still waiting on an electrician to come by to take out the old surge box so we can hang the mirror but it's pretty much done! It's the smallest half bathroom in the history of man but it's adorable and perfect for us! We couldn't be more thankful to Dave's parents for helping us out in more ways than they'll ever know!

And in case you're interested here's a list of the items:
Towel Bar (we actually went with a grab bar as we couldn't find any towel bars that were small enough)
Towel - old from Pottery Barn but here's a VERY similar one.
Glass balls - purchased on the boardwalk in San Diego

And for the artwork - I actually recreated a painting I fell in love with on pinterest:
My best attempt:

Hey, it's not perfect, but I didn't spend $350 on mine so there.

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