Wednesday, July 11, 2012

OWOP + Summer Party Pics

I scored a bunch of cute tops from the Zara Sale last week and looove having new options for casual work wear. Here's what I came up with for today, this might be the most comfortable shirt ever. I want 5 more.

What I'm Wearing - Casual Work

I thought about taking an Outfit of the Day pic for you all but failed.

We've had a great summer so far! Here's some pics to get you caught up:

We saw Jersey Boys in Tulsa with friends and family and had a blast! It was SUCH a good show, I highly recommend going if they come near you!

**Enjoyed a visit from Marissa**     **Relaxed at the pool with the Beach Boys Pandora station and some adult beverages**    
**Prepared some watermelons for 4th of July**     **Let the doggies try watermelon (they loved it!)**

**4th of July Pool Party!**     **Had a blast with friends on the 4th!**
**Watched fireworks with Dave's Fam**     **Sparkler Fun**

**Fun Weekend at Grand Lake to celebrate the 4th once again with good friends!**

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Jax said...

Love all the photos!! I wonder if Gracie dog would like watermelon.. I bet so.. Girl, I LOVE that Stella and Dot necklace you have on. I have actually been stalking it since it first came out but just can't seem to splurge on it. I think I just might before fall though. :) I should have asked for it for my bday but I didnt think about it.