Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Help A Sista Out

I've got friends having babies every month until next June! I'm in need of some tips as this is the first child for all of my friends, I'm not a seasoned "Auntie Tine" yet - yes I'm making their kids call me that.

What was the best meal someone brought you or you've made for someone after having a new baby?

I'm trying to steer clear of the boring casserole route (unless you've got a recipe for a casserole that kicks all other casserole's asses!) but am kind of at a loss! Help please! I want to be able to bring something over that they will actually like and eat!

This made me laugh...maybe I should bring wine instead?
and for all the preggers or used to be preggers - one of Dave's friends whose in his ob residency sent him this:

OK now send me your recipes or tips on bringing food to new parents! Love y'all!


katie@tulsadetails said...

What about chili or soup? You could also bring stuff for breakfast or lunch. As a new mom I find it almost impossible to sit down and eat, so anything that I can just grab, is perfect - like scones, croissants, a quick sandwich. Hope that helps! And so thoughtful of you!

melissa said...

Aren't you a sweet friend! I remember feeling very freaked out too when my friends started having kids...on purpose. I still don't feel old enough for that - even though I've got one of my own. :)

We didn't have any meals made for us (my friends are not the Betty Crocker type) but we did have people bring over take out and that was wonderful. I think baked goods like muffins or cookies would be appreciated too. Like Katie said, things that can be eaten quickly (or one handed!) are great.

I think you'll make a very fun "aunt"!

Lauren said...

I'm not a Mommy yet, but have picked up a few things:
- I've heard snacks are always great (cut up fresh fruit that's easy to eat) since they're often inundated with meals.
- Also, I've emailed menus to new Moms and asked them to place their order w/ me and I'll pick up. McAlister's is a good place for something like that. It's also easy b/c you don't have to cook anything.

smithpeasinapod said...

I totally agree with Lauren - I craved fresh fruit and veggies once I was home! It was my go to quick snack and I always had a bowl full while nursing. One handed easy to eat meals are great for nursing Moms too. Sandwiches and wraps are easy to grab & go. Lactation cookies are a super great treat too (I have to recipe on my blog!)

Kristina said...

Found your cute blog! Ok so I know a thing or two about this. One of the best meals someone brought was thai takeout and food that freezes well, like lasagna. I still couldnt drink because I was nursing. Also one of the best gifts wasn't wine, but gourmet pasta sauce and olive oil. Boring I know, but it was special to me!