Tuesday, October 1, 2013

18 Week Bumpdate!

How Far Along:
18 weeks! 

Baby Size:
Bell Pepper - Baby is approximately 5 1/2 inches long and weighs almost 7 ounces (according to BabyCenter)

Have you started to show yet: 
Yes! I haven't gotten any strangers commenting yet but Dave and my Dad both said this weekend "I think I see something there"

BOY! I was so surprised! I made the Ultrasound Tech check 4 times! After that and watching the video from the ultrasound about 25 times, I'm finally convinced and super excited!

Maternity Clothes:
Maternity Jeans All the time now! And I had to go to Old Navy for some new clothes last week. It's hard finding tops that are long enough to cover the panel on maternity jeans! I just bought a size up in regular clothes b/c the 3 maternity tops they had in store were not my style.

Stretch Marks:
No and hoping it stays that way!  Dave's sister sent me the sweetest care package full of Mama Mio products that I've started using. So far I've been using the Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Cream, Boob Tube and Lucky Legs. Pick up some for yourself here. This stuff smells amazing! Plus you feel like you're treating yourself right when using it. :)

Sleeping good so far, have to get up to pee once a night and find it hard to fall back asleep after getting up some nights.. Sleeping in is non-existent anymore. I'm up at 8 no matter what. Which is fine, lately I've been using the quiet time to research strollers or other baby items.

Best Moment of the Week: 
Shopping for our little guy! So fun to shop now that we know we'll have a little boy! Here's what I've picked up for him so far:
Top Left: Striped Pocket Onesie, Hat, Striped Onesie Top Right: Love Bug Onesie, Hat - Baby Gap not online 
Bottom Left: Crown Print Footie Sleeper  Bottom Right: Carter's at Target

Pretty sure I should just have my paycheck sent to Baby Gap from now on...
Top Left: Onesies, Striped Sweat pants Top Right: All Carter's from the Outlet
Bottom Left: Baby Polo Hat, Striped Sleeper from Baby Gap Outlet Bottom Right: Tennis Onesie

What I miss: 
Not much honestly... after sitting on the turnpike for 2.5 hours on Friday night (normally only takes us an hour 20) I could have really gone for a glass of wine but besides that I'm pretty content.

A little in the early morning or late night when I'm laying still I can feel movement. It doesn't feel like kicks but more like he's rolling around. He was definitely sticking himself into my bladder one morning and I told him out loud to please move off of it and he did! That was so cool! 

Food Cravings: 
Still chips and salsa and also popcorn!

feeling good! I only had 1 day where I felt really lightheaded and I think it was due to not getting enough protein. Note to self: cinnamon rolls do not qualify for a balanced meal at dinner time. Hangs head in shame.

Anything making you queasy or sick: 

Labor Signs:

Belly Button- In or Out?:

Wedding Rings- On or Off?:

Baby Purchases?:
Besides the multitude of outfits I showed above, we ordered the crib and the crib mattress! Thank you to Dave's parents! Annnd after spending about an hour testing different strollers at Buy Buy Baby we finally picked out a stroller! Thanks to Mom and Dad! (waiting on a sale to purchase, Buy Buy Baby wouldn't let me use my coupon on it and I refuse to pay retail)

Looking forward to: 
Starting to get the nursery together!


melissa said...

You look great! And I love all the adorable little boy clothes you picked out. I feel you on the Baby Gap. Between maternity clothes, then baby clothes I've put a hurt on my gap card every month since getting pregnant. They have such great sales and the cutest baby clothes.

I'll have to look up where I bought my stroller but I found it for less than what it retails at in stores. If I find it, I'll send it your way.

ChasingHallie said...

Super cute stuff! I love Baby Gap! A little tip I learned though, Old Navy (owned by Gap) has almost identical stuff for cheaper and if you have a Gap/Old Navy card then you can get really good deals!

What stroller did you guys decide on?

Courtney B said...

Oh my goodness, congratulations! A baby boy.... how FUN! And you look amaaaaazing :)
I didn't get strangers commenting on my bump until I was closer to 30 weeks.