Friday, December 6, 2013

Five on Friday!!

Thanksgiving was wonderful! We may have won the award biggest family Thanksgiving - if there was such an honor? And we were missing people! Can you believe it? These tables were full and sit 55!
If my Dad had made it there would have been 4 generations in this picture! (If you count the baberz- which I do!)
With just a few of my gorgeous cousins! Love them!!

I bought 2 dresses that were terrible so had to go with my last choice.. it's whatever.
My Preggo Stacked Plate - I'm still dreaming about the truffle oil mac and cheese; One of the four dressed up birds!; The happy couple getting a blessing from Father Tom; Lyrics to a beautiful song sung in honor of my grandparents - brought tears to this emotional preggo's eyes

It was so great to see all the fam, especially my adorable grandparents who were also celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary! Such an amazing example they've set for us all. My grandma is so cute, she had a cold and had lost her voice and said "I've been disarmed, my voice is my weapon". She's full of the best little sayings, I wish I had a book of all of them!

I read about this Magic Moroccan lipstick on the Daybook blog and with the $4 pricetag I thought, what the heck? This stuff works people! It does turn a very pink color, which is perfect for me but if you're not a pink fan then I'd steer clear. But check this out guys, it lasts almost all day for me! I just wish the tube was prettier..
don't judge this picture.. this was after our 6 hour drive home from Houston
Anthro is killing me with their adorable clothing options this season... if only I didn't have 3 months left of baby bump I'd be filling my cart with all of these and not looking back!
 Estrie Henley - $68

My adorable cousins made the most delicious cupcakes from a recipe they found on pinterest, yall these were incredible. I already have them on my list of must-bake for Christmas!

HomeGoods has also been killing it lately with the Christmas items! Here are a few things I picked up this week! Perfect hostess gifts for every occasion!

Happy Friday! Bumpdate coming soon.. if I can get myself dressed one of these days :)

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Nat said...

Wow that is a huge thanksgiving!! Those cupcakes sound amazing and I love those napkins!