Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Big Move

Our closing date is 2 1/2 weeks away! I can't believe it. I really hope the weather is nice on February 27 for moving day. It would be nice to not freeze our butts off while we carry in box after box.

I keep going back and forth about the whole move. One day I'm excited to have more room and a beautiful house that is all ours, and the next day I'm sad to leave our cute little one bedroom on campus. I know it will take some adjusting, with the commute from Oklahoma City to Norman for work and not being able to go home for lunch my day will change drastically. Hopefully the pros of homeownership will outweigh the cons. I'm looking forward to spring time for entertaining on our new deck. I'm also looking forward to decorating the new house, which is pretty much all I think about right now. These have become my obsession:

So here's the run-down of what's left to do:
I've got to book the U-Haul and pick up some more boxes.
Find a good place for the doggy door, buy and hopefully talk Rex into installing said doggy door. (Opal if you're reading, please pass along the hint)
Find rugs that are nice to look at, soft on the feet, and cheap.
Figure out how much wallpaper we'll need for the dining room wall. (post to come later!)
Go through closet and get rid of as much as I can! The new house is old - built in 1924 aka NO closet space!
Find kitchen table for next to the stove.
Change utilities to new address.
Find an alarm company and get that set up.
Decide between U-Verse and Cox. (Pretty sure U-Verse will win.)
And of course, plan where furniture and decor will go! (This will be the first thing completed on this list. Guaranteed.)

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