Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wallpaper: In or Out?

I think it's IN! I hope you all do too. Wallpaper has come a long way from overwhelming a room like this:
There are SO many options for wallpaper now, it's a great way to jazz up a wall. Our new old house has lots of windows in every room, which I love. But it limits the wall space for decorating. I think that the dining room is a great place for wallpaper. It can make a room more formal:

photo source here
photo source here

Or more fun:

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I just want to add a pop of fun on one wall, here are some inspirations:

photo source here
photo source here

photo source here

photo source here

The wallpaper for our dining room has to go well with our China Hutch, that is a teal green color.

Can't wait to not have boxes of wedding presents stacked on top of the thing! Ok so now you've seen the color of the hutch, I need the wallpaper to compliment this since it will be on the wall we're wallpapering.
So for whatever reason I was watching The Real World DC the other night and noticed that their house had some awesome wallpaper that would be perfect for our wall! After Dave searched for it and couldn't find it, I gave it a go and found it no problem! (I'm totally better at google than he is!)

It's Graham and Brown's Heritage wallpaper in yellow. They have a ton of cute wallpapers on their website. After looking at every single one they had, I decided to order a few samples. They should be arriving any day now! Here's a preview of the one's I decided to check out.
Suzanne: White and Gold

Grace: Taupe and Gold
Sophia: Tan
Alice: White and Gold
Kentmere: Green
Heritage: Beige
Then I found they had ceiling wallpaper! It would be impossible to put up on your own, I mean really impossible! But how gorgeous is this?

I will let you all know what we think of the samples as soon as they arrive! What do you all think of wallpaper? Have you put it up before? Any tips?

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Taylor said...

i LOve wallpaper. Its great. We wanted to do this for our house but goodness its expensive. another alternative is fabric...its temporary too. and yes ceiling wallpaper! fun! there is also paintable wallpaper that creates lots of texture!