Sunday, February 21, 2010

More Laundry Room Ideas

I've been thinking about the laundry room wall a lot lately. I've definitely decided I want the hubbs to complete this project I saw on one of my fave blogs The Centsational Girl. She DIY'd her own laundry room rack! How perfect is this for our wall??

I already told the hubbs that I'd like to make a few alterations to her already fabulous project. He doesn't know if it's possible BUT I'm going to be optimistic, I'd love for the front part to be an old window with the glass taken out. I know, it's so chic. I also want my knobs to be antique glass door knobs. Like these?

I really like the color she painted the back part of her laundry room drying rack. I guess it will depend on whether my salvaged window idea works, but if it doesn't I think it could be cute to add a little wallpaper to the back. Maybe one of the unused samples that I ordered. What do you think?

I'm also thinking that the laundry room would be a good place for a bullitin board or calendar with magnets. Since our new fridge will be stainless steel and magnets don't stick on them very well, we'll need a place to keep all the wedding invites and other fun things that would typically go on the fridge.
I'd love any of these if anyone wants to suprise me with a gift!



I really want the calendar, bulletin board and letter bin.
From Pottery Barn found here.

 I'm also loving these from Ballard Designs:


Does anyone know where I can find some of these for about a tenth of the price Pottery Barn is trying to sell them for?

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