Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Did I tell you?

Did I tell you guys that I high-fived Dane Cook at the show on Monday? Remember how excited I was?
Well, imagine my excitement when we walked down the aisle to our seats and were stopped by an usher telling us that our section has been picked to get upgraded! We headed to guest services to get our new tickets totally psyched!

Then we were informed they had run out of seats together so we had to wait for them to print more tickets (for like 15 minutes!) When the little guy finally showed up with our tickets we headed to find out new seats... oh section 7 is on the floor? Hell yeah! What's that? We're going to keep going closer and closer to the stage? Say what? We're sitting 7 rows away and on the aisle! No way - this is the aisle he's going to run down to get to the stage?! Hell to the Yeah!!!

Oh and for all you sceptics who need proof - That's my hair and my hand giving Dane Cook a high five after his awesome set!

If he comes near you all you should definitely go! We laughed the whole time! His openers were really funny too! The guy in the last picture was one of his openers that came back out at the end and they sang "The Humpty Dance" together! It was awesome!
We had a blasty-blast (as Dane would say)!

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katie@tulsadetails said...

I would say you would totally win at 6 degrees of seperation. You + Dane Cook = BFF. :)