Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Highlights and Lowlights


Sister coming home!!!! I missed her SO much! More than I thought I would... absence makes the heart grow fonder I guess. Haha! Love ya sis!
Hunting for Easter eggs and coming home with $15 and an iTunes gift card! Score!

Discovering my new fave breakfast or anytime of the day snack! YUMMM!

Figuring out that I can visit my bff Marissa at the end of our trip to Napa/San Fran!
{good times ahead}

Purchased our season tickets for OU Football next year!!! Looking forward to tailgates maybe a little too much...


Thunder games not starting until 9 pm, ruining my bedtime, and my productivity the following day.
Having random guys send you and your sister drinks at the bar, to which we responded with a nod and a thanks, to which they responded with a plea to come sit with them... which ended in a conversation as to why Oklahoman's get married young and me defending everyone. Super. Annoying.

Then after they finally left - this guy took it as his cue to interrupt our joyful sighs that we'd finally gotten free.
Obsessing over finding a Tory Burch tunic or lookalike for under $100... Who knew they were so expensive?! Even on Ebay they're still over $150! Ridiculous!

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Patti said...

Y'all got season tickets?!?!? What section??? I hope to get our new seat assignments soooooooon! BOOMER!