Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Next Few Days...

The next few days, I'll be having silly time with my bff Marissa. Family vacay is over and it was SO much fun!!! Now it's time to spend some QT with my old college roomie. We spent many days and nights camped out in the living room watching seasons of the OC and Entourage until our butts fell asleep.

I always got the couch while Marissa invented "the canoe" which involved facing the 2 wingback chairs together and lounging out like it's a bed.
(Why don't I have a picture of this?)

While she lives across the country in LA, I think I talk to her more often than some of my friends who live in the same state! Usually our convos are pretty entertaining. Here's a glimpse into our beautiful friendship.

So if you're wondering where I am... I'm probably trying to re-create the canoe and watching Summer Catch or more likely She's The Man with my bff! 

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