Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Couple of Weekend Recaps!

2 weekend's ago we went to a couple of cookouts! We've become great friends with Bridget and Tim, Dave and Tim are in Dental School together and it's always a good time when we get together! (with Krystal too!)
Check out the awesome garden they've got back there - I asked what they were growing and Bridget must have listed 10 different vegetables!
They just got a puppy, so we had to bring over the dogs to meet!
They cooked up some delicious Ka-bobs and I contributed a salad and dessert!
I got the idea for dessert from Pinterist (of course) but I wasn't interested in making my own shortbread cookies or cream cheese icing... so I went the easy route and bought shortbread cookies and used CoolWhip they were a huge hit!
Then we hit up the pool Saturday and enjoyed some good people watching (the apartment pool we crash is full of people who seem to think it's a Cancun pool) Quite entertaining. We cleaned ourselves up and headed to another Dental school friend's cookout!
We all enjoyed some yummy pulled pork sandwiches and an array of sides, then finished the night off with a lot of beer pong!

This past weekend we went to Tulsa Friday night...
Me: Aw you look like such a Dad right now!
Dave: I know I just need a fanny pack and a belt clip for my phone and I'm set.

We went to Tulsa this weekend and took Cooper to visit some of his old friends!
 He showed off for Ellie... and played like he was Mona's size at Ryan and Lindy's.
iPhone cameras make dogs look possessed...
We were so glad Lindy and Ryan took a break from watching Law Review videos to catch up with us! 
Then my sister and her friends convinced us to go out with them, we ended up having a blast! 
Although I wish we went to bed prior to 4:30 am....
I'm pretty sure Dave thought I was crazy when I made him load 4 leftover tree trunk's into the car before we left Tulsa... I have vision... you'll have to wait and see :)

We came back to OKC Saturday and went out to the best dinner at Deep Fork Grill for Dave's birthday!
Sunday we finished up the Wine bottle torches project!
Everyone say, "Good job Dave!" It was blazing hot out when he hung them up... I couldn't take the heat. Literally.

We've got a lot planned for this upcoming weekend! I can't wait to have everyone over to our house for some sliders, beers and backyard games!

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Jodie said...

Thanks for the tip for the shortbread cookie! I'm so doing that!!