Monday, December 7, 2009

Dear Cooper and Nigel,

You're the cutest doggies in the world! I love you both! I love you both A LOT! You're like my little children the way I worry about you and you make me so happy! BUT you need to stop abusing your powers of cuteness and puppy dog eyes. I've had it!

The bowls on the floor are yours and yours only, meaning any other plate of food around the house are mine and contain my food. Also note that doing tricks while I'm trying to enjoy my plate of food will not entice me to give you a taste anymore! I will be more likely to give you a bite if you sit quietly at my feet while I eat.  (as opposed to the usual scratching at me while trying to get as close to the plate as possible!)

Your Dad and I cannot buy a bigger bed right now - it won't fit in this house! So please, for our sake try and sleep vertically with the rest of us. Cooper, you specifically should note that you don't have to be stretched out to the max while sleeping, nor do we find it amusing when you pass gas in bed.

Also, don't think for a minute that making a sad face and running to hide after we find an accident in the kitchen every morning that it will get you out of trouble. This only makes us certain which one of you is the culprit! Use the bell! We will let you outside to use the restroom overnight.

Lastly, while I think it's incredibly endearing that you like to follow your Mom everywhere, I like to use the restroom alone. When I do manage get the door shut in time, you pawing underneath the door doesn't make me want you in there anymore.

Sweet little Cooper and Nigel, while I love you both dearly your little antics have gone on long enough. I know you're not perfect and you look so adorable when you snuggle together.... ok I forgive you again. You win. You always do.

Your Mom Tine

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