Monday, December 21, 2009

Recent Obsessions/Purchases

Holiday shopping is in full swing! And I'm not gonna lie... it's been hard to resist buying 2 of everything, 1 for the person the gift was initially intended for and 1 for me. I've been pretty good though. Except for when I went to the Gap intending to buy Dave some new sweaters. As it turned out, every sweater in the store was half off and there wasn't a single men's sweater in a size Large. Fail for him, Score for me!
I got a super soft winter white cowlneck sweater (so soft it feels like cashmere!) for only $25!

And I've been obsessed with all things "ski-lodgey" so I just had to have this sweater for only $29!

Can't wait to wear both of these in Crested Butte in a week!

Christmas sales are the best if they have your size left! (sorry Dave!)

I was shopping for my brother and sister online and after loading up the e-shopping cart, realized I was only $20 away from free-shipping... the shipping was going to cost me about $18 to get here so I took that as a good excuse to pick out something for myself! I'd been eyeing this bag since before football season when shoetopia got it in, then promptly sold out. Then PiperLime put it on sale! Seriously love it when fate does this to me! :)
It's been super handy having my hands free while shopping this holiday season! Not to mention it's adorable!

If you want one for yourself, sorry they're all gone now! But this one is also on sale now from NineWest and is equally as adorable in my opinion.

Now if you're like me and practically live in boots in the winter, then you MUST go buy these jeans right now! Seriously - the best pair to wear under a pair of boots, they don't require being tucked into your socks, there is no bunching up underneath the boot, and they're just fitted enough to be cute and just stretchy enough to live in! Oh and did I mention they are $9.50?!?! Seriously, what are you waiting for? Go! Buy! From Forever21.

*Try on a size smaller than you'd normally wear, the waist on these tends to stretch out a lot!
*Also, they have different colors in the store, I got this color and a darker color for day/night.

You know you live in a college town when you're football season just ended and you're already planning game-day outfits for the next season... Let me tell you, I've been stalking this sweater online and if Target ever decides to put more sizes up it will be mine! Cold gamedays will be taken care of with this cute hoodie! (not to mention it looks so comfy I'd wear it to work probably everyday) Please Target, I'd take a small or a medium, Please!!!

If you know me, you know I'd take anything and everything on ShopBop, but I've especially been eyeing this Parker dress:

What are you all obsessed with lately?


Amber said...

Wow I love that sweater, nine west bag and that parker dress!

GlassesShop said...

Great collections - very inspiring