Thursday, May 6, 2010

Do They Ever Get It Wrong?

J.Crew can do no wrong in my book. Every season they continue to come out with beautiful new pieces that are fresh and classic at the same time. Their styling is always spot on, everytime I collect enough money to buy something I feel as though I need the entire outfit pictured with it. Does this happen to you guys too?

They just released some new arrivals online which are all must haves! Now if only I could figure out a way to get an employee discount without actually having to work there...

Here are my favorites:

The Luxe Terry Zip Cardigan - here - $44 (on sale!)

Denim Utility Shirt - here - $78

This is my Absolute Favorite! Ahhh I love it! Must buy this shirt:

Fringed Tunic - here - $88

Liberty Floral Daze Cardigan - here - $110

This would be perfect for one of the 6 weddings we're going to this summer...
Linen Slub Strapless Dress - here - $198

Surf Tweed Charter Skirt - here - $138

Georgette Mini Short - here - $98

Ditzy floral Frankie mini-dress - here - $59

In the words of Rachel Zoe, "I die".
Willow Wooden Platform Sandals - here - $178

Now let's all pray that all of these items magically appear at the J.Crew outlet when I'm there in my size and they're all only $5 each. Hey, it could happen!

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Emily @ EMILY POSTS said...

that cardigan is GORGEOUS!