Monday, May 3, 2010

Recent Ramblings: Tennis Convo

Back Story: I'm completely obsessed with The Blind Side, Dave got it for my for my birthday and I've watched it at least once every 3 days. (He can attest to this, he thinks I'm crazy)

We went to play tennis the other night at some tennis courts we drove by to go to one of the grocery stores that failed.

Me: These courts are pretty ghetto.
Dave: But they're close by and they have fences in between the courts so the amateurs won't bug us as much.
Me: True dat. We'll give them a shot. (I walk to the far side of the court and notice the grafitti adorning it)
Dave: These balls are pretty dead. (realizing they've been in his trunk since last summer)
Me: (Finally figuring out what the grafitti says) Penis. It says penis!
Dave: What? No, it doesn't. (walks over)
Dave: (looking strangely at the grafitti) I think it says Pookie.
Me: uhh no I'm pretty sure it says penis.
Dave: I don't think so, but can we keep playing?
Me: Uh I guess but the balls are really dead.
Random guy on the court next to us: Do you guys need some more balls?
Me: Yes!
Dave: Nah, we're ok.
Me: (shoots Dave a look like "uhh hello? why not?")
Dave: Ok Sure, if you don't mind.
Random guy: I've got plenty, I coach Harding High School and we get balls donated to us.
Me: Oh that's great! Thanks so much!
Random guy: We're out here everyday, but we're usually done by 6 so if you come after that the courts are empty.
Dave: ok. (thinking: go away buddy, and shooting me a look like "this is why I said no in the first place")
Random guy leaves. Dave hits one of the "donated" balls over to me. It's more dead than the balls we had.
Me: (after I've hit the past 10 shots in the net) This sucks, can we go yet?
Dave: We've only been out here like 30 minutes.
Me: I know but it feels like we're in hurt village.
Dave: What are you talking about? Just let me serve a few.
Me: Ok, but do you think there are crack dealers out here?
Dave: I bet at some point there was a crack dealer here.
Me: Today or just in general?
Dave: Today. This isn't the best part of town.
Me: uhh, ok let's go, I'm over this, unless Big Mike is here to protect us.
Dave: Jeez that wasn't even a workout.
Me: I know, I'd play more if the courts were nicer, can we join a club?
Dave: Who do you think we are?
Me: I don't know but I know I'm not coming back to hurt village to play on the penis courts.
Dave: You're ridiculous.

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