Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A little DIY Privacy

Our sweet little house has a nice automatic gate blocking the back half of the driveway from the front. I'm not sure why the owner before us put it up, but nonetheless it keeps the dogs in and I kinda like parking back there so I don't have to talk to our crazy neighbor that sits on her front porch all day.

The only problem with the gate is that it was see through, read: chain link, so whenever the dogs are ouside they run straight to it and start barking away at whatever or whoever is passing by. Sometimes they just bark at leaves falling or they think they hear a sound, nonetheless, it's annoying. I knew before we moved in that this would be a problem and we'd need a screen of some sort to put on the gate so the dogs couldn't see out. I searched high and low, I even called some gate manufacturing company and asked what they'd suggest! To which the man on the other end replied, "I think you're gonna have to jury rig somethin like that". I wasn't sure what to call it, the only way I could describe what I was looking for was to explain that I wanted some kind of screen to put on my gate similar to the wind screens you'd see at tennis courts? We went to 2 different Home Depots and 2 different Lowes! Lowes had what we needed but you could only get it by special order, fail.

 We finally determined the name of the product we needed, Fence Weave! I checked out at amazon and a short 4 days later our fence weave was waiting for us to put up!

looking out from behind the gate before:
(why I thought I needed 3 "before" pics is beyond me, always be prepared!)

"Hey, what are you guys doing? Putting us in jail?" - Coop and Nigel

I swear I helped... Here's my proof!

Oh, and yes trying to decide which way the angle should go was about a minute long convo.
Me: Which way should the angle go? Pointing toward the house or away from it?
Dave: I literally couldn't care less.
Me: Ok then, towards the house it is!
Dave: cool, there's only one beer left, sorry.

"Why are you doing this Mom? We'll stop barking, we swear!" - Cooper

Almost done!

Annnnd, we ran out. :( But it's pretty awesome feeling like we have a privacy fence!
Btw we're planning on doing that little side portion over there too so I'll post an update when it's all done.
The barking hasn't ceased yet. there's still too much going on out that side fence. Little Rascals.

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