Thursday, May 13, 2010

The City - Is anyone else watching this?

Ok, is anyone else watching The City on MTV? I just watched the latest episode and have to talk about it!
What the heck is wrong with Olivia Palermo? Who does the think she is???

Whitney is So sweet and fun and her clothing line, Whitney Eve, is super cute! I mean I wouldn't wear ALL of the pieces because I live in Oklahoma and can't get away with wearing cut outs quite yet.
My favorite part of the latest episode was when Whitney told Olivia, "You look like a complete bitch!"
But seriously, she runs away from every conversation where she's in the wrong! It's getting old, I hope that Elle fires her so she can stick to walking around NYC like she's pissed off at the world.
The girl does have great hair and I like her outfit choices though...

This one's my fave, but don't tell her... I don't want her thinking I like her.
I've got a white skirt and taupe bag, now I need a striped t and silver oxfords.

I like this one too... I need to stop looking at these b/c it feels like I'm cheating on Whitney!

Whitney's personality is so far beyond better than Olivia's that I saying so is pointless. But Whitney's personal style is a little too street or hipster for me. (Do I sound old saying hipster? I feel old...)

She does mix it up sometimes with some ultra girly floral dresses.

This one is my fave! The outfit she wore for her very own fashion show!

All images found on Google Images.

Are any of you watching The City this season?

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