Thursday, March 31, 2011

Birthday Dreams

I spent too many hours looking at the Pottery Barn catalog and have decided that all my current furniture sucks and I need to replace LOTS of stuff in our house...
It might be due to the fact that we've hit the 1 year mark on our "4-year" house. I'm itching to make it the best it can be so we can enjoy it for the next 3 years. That makes sense to you all to right? I'm not crazy for thinking this way right??

Here are a few of the pieces I'm hoping the Birthday fairy brings to me :)

Pottery Barn - Woven Pouf

Pottery Barn - Tanner Nesting Tables

Pottery Barn - Cynthia Storage Bed
Seriously been trying to save up for this bed for over a year and something else keeps coming up... :( Anyone have a PB discount they want to share?

Pottery Barn - Stratton Bedside Table
And just in case the Birthday Fairy can't carry all this stuff, I'll gladly take one of these as a donation toward making my dreams come true.

1 comment:

Jacquelyn said...

I want that bed, too. :( I have been trying to save for one on West Elm, but it's about the same cost as a plane ticket, so it keeps not happening. Vacations>new bed.