Thursday, March 3, 2011

Welcome March!

I'm SO happy February is over! bye bye winter blues! Hello Springtime Sun!
Yesterday we had some awesome weather, we thought about going to play tennis but decided happy hour was a better idea... (we've already played 3 times this week! we deserved a night off!)

So we decided to hit up the BossaNova rooftop and enjoyed a beautiful view of the city with some cheap drinks!
We had so much fun at BossaNova, we decided it's going to become our place, you know like the coffee house from friends,
and the bar from How I Met Your Mother,
or the diner from Seinfeld,
You get the idea I hope...

The name BossaNova reminds me of this hilarious YouTube clip from a couple years ago:
(this video has some explicit language fyi)

Did you all know you can buy magazine subscriptions from Amazon?

Here's what will be showing up in my mailbox once a month, for the next year! :)

It was cheaper to order through amazon than to use my renewal rate! Score!

And have you ever heard of National Geographic being so cheap!? Hubbs was pretty excited when I texted him this morning during a study sesh.
National Geographic Subscription for $15 a year! Click here.


Jacquelyn said...

Christine I love Real Simple! So great! I'll have to hang with you guys by BossaNova sometime, love the HIMYM reference. Glad to find your blog. :)


melissa said...

Oh man, I got suckered in big time last time Amazon had a magazine sale. I ended up subscribing to like 10 magazines last year. It was fun but they started to pile up after a while. I had to cut back a few this year. :)