Monday, March 28, 2011

Teaser iPhone Photos

We took over 1000 photos on vacation and it's quite a daunting task to go through them all, I plan on getting them up sometime this week but until then...

I took a pic of my airport/8 hr flight outfit because I'm a total nerd and tried my best to copy an outfit that Bethenny wore on Bethenny Ever After. I'm SO glad I decided to wear my Hunter boots b/c it ended up raining a few days and they were very necessary! I just took put them in the overhead bin on the plane and wore socks and my Tory Burch's (when I had to hit up the nasty airplane bathroom).
 We watched The Kings Speech on our overnight flight and ordered a glass of wine to help us fall asleep, only to find out that wine is free on Delta flights! Score! I had 2 of the biggest pour glasses of wine and passed out before the movie finished! Don't worry I woke up and finished it, Loved it! Colin Firth totally deserved the Oscar.
 We enjoyed a pitcher of Sangria followed by a liter of wine on our first night... Don't judge, we ordered paella and it took forrrrever to cook and we were thirsty!
 Our hotel was right outside of the beautiful Barcelona Cathedral! It was the perfect location!

 We had a Blast walking the streets of Dublin on St. Paddy's Day!
More pictures to come, I promise! 


Tiffany said...

Major score on the free wine! I can't sleep on planes and that would have been completely necessary. Can't wait to see the rest of your pics!

melissa said...

Sounds like a great start to the trip!

smithpeasinapod said...

OH! so fun!! I can't wait to see more pictures!!