Monday, January 4, 2010

Fashion Inspiration: Stacey from The Baby-Sitters Club

I just read here that the Baby-Sitters Club is getting revived and I could not be more excited! I read all of the Baby-Sitters Club books when I was a pre-teen. They were my idols, them and the Sweet Sixteen girls. Stacey was my favorite, the blonde, the New Yorker that was fashionable and sophisticated. I always dotted my i's with hearts, just like Stacey! Remember the BSC movie? Stacey dated the 17 year old when she was 13! She was a total hottie! I loved her style, she was very girly, comfortable and always pretty. With the new year coming and going, I'm looking forward to spring, and with Stacey's inspiration I can't wait for tons of florals!

Here are a few pieces I could see Stacey wearing, that I'd love to have!

Free People FreeBird Dress - $148

Free People "NorthSide Slub" at ShopBop - $68

Forever 21 - Flower Athletic Top - $16.90

Victoria's Secret - Blue London Jean "Fringe Short" - $28! On sale now!

I could totally see Stacey using this bag for a babysitter's club activity kit, full of stickers and crayons!

Anthropologie - Borealis Bag - $118

What Goes Around Comes Around - "Jasmine Romper" at ShopBop - $69 on sale!

Who was your favorite Baby Sitters Club member?


Amber said...

How funny I had a claudia post I was working on but have waiting to go to My moms to get some pictures for it!!

Christine said...

haha! That's so funny! I like Claudia's style too! :)