Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sunroom Decor

I never in a million years dreamed that our first house would include a sunroom! Now my question is how do I decorate it? The girl living there now has a cute daybed in there, I could totally see myself reading magazines and napping on the daybed.  But I also kinda like the idea of a sitting area to drink coffee and read. Dave thinks it would make a good bar area, I'm not so sure about that. I need to go back there and really see how big the space is, it would be great if I could fit a daybed and a sitting area in there!

I am really loving the look of this daybed in one of my new favorite blogs that Emily introduced me to!

I found the daybed at WestElm I'd get it in brown if I wasn't broke from buying a house! Right now about all I could afford is the daybed mattress cover that's on sale for $21. Haha! A girl can dream right? Maybe this is something we could use the $8000 tax credit to buy? Oh good idea! (note to self)

I also found this picture from Southern Living and I like the drop leaf table with chairs, I'd do a more casual chair though.

After my Mom and I veiwed the house we've now started to buy, (there's got to be an easier way to say that? the house we haven't closed on yet? no. It's like we're engaged and the wedding date is the closing date? no. I don't know) Anyways, after we saw the house, fell in love, talked to Dave about it, talked to my Dad about it, talked to my sister about it, ate some lunch, drove by the house a few more times, we decided to stop in some of the cute antique stores that Western has to offer.

There weren't many items that we were impressed with, most of them felt more like estate sales with tons of useless items. Then we walked by these chairs, I'm envisioning them in the sun room with a small glass table and a beautiful fresh flower display. I like the idea that they are kind of wicker and outdoorsy and then kind of fancy with the velvet tufting.
*pisc taken with iphone - doesn't really do the chairs justice - they're pretty!

There were 2 of the blue and only 1 of the green. I think I could get all 3 and just use 2 in the sunroom and 1 somewhere else. I like the idea of them not being the same color. And they're priced at only $37 each.
What do you think?

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