Friday, January 29, 2010

Laundry Room Decor

We haven't had our own laundry room for 2 years. We've been living in an adorable little duplex right by OU's campus. The location and house have been wonderful, the only thing we could've asked for is a laundry room. I'd be willing to have one outdoors if there was just some way to do our laundry here. But alas, there is not, so for the past 2 years we've either been driving to Dave's parents house in the city to do the laundry or dropping it off at the fluff and fold.  The laundromat charges $1 a pound to wash your laundry and fold it for you. This wouldn't be such a big deal but everytime we'd resort to that we'd have at least 20 pounds of laundry that needed to be done. That gets pretty pricey.

Anyways, enough about the old laundry situation and onto the fun stuff. Our new house has a little laundry nook off of the kitchen. On one side is the washer and dryer and the opposite wall has a long shelf. I want to put cabinets in under the shelf, but funds are going to be tight for a while.

Now here's the fun part, I'd like to put something on that wall. But I really can't stand the obvious laundry room decor that's out there. You know what I'm talking about, the metal signs that say "Laundry 5 cents" or anything that hobby lobby sells as laundry room signs.
Since the laundry nook is off of the kitchen and there is no door separating the two, this wall will be visible to anyone who enters the kitchen. I'd like it to be somewhat decorated and also functional, but I can't really decide on what it needs to achieve that balance. I googled "laundry room decor" searched through the images, and these are a few I'm going to use for inspiration.

I love the look of the apothecary jars in this room. I've been wanting to get some apothecary jars for a while but didn't know where I'd put them/what I'd put in them.  The overall room is a little too cold for my likings but I will definitely use the jar idea! What should I keep in them? Laundry detergent? I think buttons might be a cute idea, as I think I'm the only person on earth who actually saves the extra buttons attached to new clothes. You just never know people.
This picture makes doing laundry look elegant, it would make me want to wear heels while folding clothes. I'm not sure of that would ever happen, but it's pretty nonetheless. I also like the idea of having somewhere to hang clothes to dry, for all those pesky "line dry" items from Banana Republic and J.Crew.

I found this next laundry room here, I really like the sort of retro feel to this room. With the hidden ironing board and the glass doorknob hooks I love all the little touches in this room. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the fabric on the cabinets, it's a little bit overkill.

So I still haven't come up with anything to put on that big empty wall. As we all know, people gravitate into the kitchen and this being an open nook I'd really like something to be on that wall. Maybe I could find a pretty painting eventually. I like how this room has cute wallpaper found here.

The little green notebook also found some cute apothecary jars!

What do you all think I should put on that wall? Any ideas?


Taylor said...

i save the buttons too. I have a vintage jar I keep them in! until you have the funds to put a cabinet under that counter shelf you should make a fun skirt that wraps around it. It could have a fun retro feel.

Katie said...

one with buttons, one with your super cute "R" guest soaps, and one with clothes pins!!

Buy them now! :)