Friday, January 15, 2010


I'm SO ready for the weekend as I'm sure you all are too! Dave and I both have 3 day weekends thanks to this guy:

We've got a a pretty full weekend scheduled. Tonight we're going to dinner at Iron Starr BBQ with our good friends Ryan and Lindy.

We will eat platefulls like these:

And consume some of these:

Afterwards we'll probably go back to Ryan and Lindy's house or to our house and play Dringa or Cranium. Not sure if Lindy and I will want to play Cranuim since we finally beat the guys last weekend. We might want to hold onto our winners title a little longer. Or maybe we could break in our new Office Clue or Catch Phrase that we got for Christmas? hmmm we'll see! Is it nerdy that we play so many games? We have a LOT of fun... so it can't be that bad right? Don't answer that.

Here's the 4 of us on a typical Friday night last year, right after Ryan and Lindy got RockBand. We started a band and went on tour for a couple months this was all we did when we got together... totally not nerdy.

Then on Saturday, Dave and I are going to look at 5 houses! We're pretty excited from the pictures online a lot of them look pretty good. I know pictures can be deceiving but I didn't see any lime green and orange tiled bathrooms so that's a plus! Hopefully they're better than last weekends losers. I'll let you know.
Here's an orange and green bathroom that's been redone... WAY nicer than the one we saw but still not my style.

So since we'll already be in OKC and our good friends Henry and Julia are coming in to OKC Saturday, we figured we'd just stay the night with our other good friends Kyle and Ashley. We haven't seen Henlia (Henry + Julia = Henlia) since the Holiday Party at Michael's house, so it'll be great to catch up with them!

And Saturday night Ashley is singing at the Prohibition Room so we will all go watch and listen to her and then hang out afterwards! Ashley's a great singer and her cd just came out - check it out here.

Sunday, we're going to head over to Dave's parents house for an afternoon of catching up and multiple loads of laundry! Seriously, we haven't done laundry in 2 weeks! No one is allowed to come to our house until this is remedied. Our hamper overfloweth!

Monday we plan on relaxing! The weather is supposed to be really nice! Maybe we'll take the doggies for a walk and grill out for lunch. That sounds amazing. I miss summer! And I'm dying to see It's Complicated, we will definitely be seeing it this weekend! Especially since I saw2 movies that Dave really wanted to see this week! Both were very good don't get me wrong, I enjoyed them both! But, he owes me!
After seeing Avatar in 3-D

and The Hurt Locker

I can't wait for It's Complicated!

Nancy Meyers is probably my favorite director. I love everything she's done. The Holiday is in my top 5 movie list, it's just the most heartwarming adorable holiday movie. I watch Something's Gotta Give every time it's on tv, which is a lot! I would kill for any of the houses in either of those movies, I'm excited to see Meryl Streep's house in It's Complicated. Here's a few shots I got from this blog, where there is a good description of the whole set!

What are you all up to this weekend? Have any of you seen It's Complicated?

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