Wednesday, March 3, 2010

First Day at Work as a Commuter

Just as I had figured, life as a commuter isn't that bad except at lunchtime. What do we do? I don't want to eat at work - that makes the day WAY too long. Today, Dave and I decided to eat at our respective offices super quick and then run around town a bit. We scarfed our food and then headed to my favorite consignment furniture store, Round The House. My Mom got us our china hutch last summer from the store in Tulsa.

We were kind of just looking for rugs and random finds that might work in the new house when we came across this beautiful trunk! After playing with it for a few minutes to make sure it closed and clasped shut, we asked how much it was. $79. Dave's eyes lit up, SOLD!

Now we just have to figure out where to put it?

After I dropped Dave back off at work, I headed to Michaels in search of a dry erase calendar for the laundry room. I'd still been lusting after the Pottery Barn Daily System but couldn't bear to spend that much. But to be honest, I probably would have caved had I not found one that's absolutely perfect and almost identical for less than half the price!
Here's Mine:

Michael's - framed, magnetic dry erase calendar, with cork board at the bottom - $21
Michael's - framed cork board $10
They're both framed in espresso colored wood - apologies for the iphone pictures, still haven't found the camera cord.
And here's Pottery Barn's overpriced twin version of what I got!

Pottery Barn's Daily System - Espresso Magnetic Whiteboard Calendar $54
Pottery Barn's Framed Corkboard - $34
But that's not all, in order to hang Pottery Barn's version, you'll have to buy this display rod for whatever reason. One for the calendar, and one for the corkboard, $20 and $12 respectively.

So let's add that up:
Pottery Barn's Overpriced Daily System:
  • Calendar - $54
  • Display Rod for Calendar - $20
  • Corkboard - $34
  • Display Rod for Corkboard - $12
Total: $120

Michael's Awesome Exact Same Version:
  • Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar w/ bottom cork board - $21
  • Corkboard - $10
Total: $22
(which left $ to buy super cute push pins and colored dry erase markers! So my spending total was at $30)

All in all, it was a very successful lunch for the commuters! I promise to post pics once I get the hubbs to hang them up!

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