Thursday, March 25, 2010

Paint Job

A couple of weekends ago we painted the dining room, you might remember if you read this post. I was lucky enough to find my camera cord last night so you all are lucky enough to see the finished results!

We learned a few things from painting this room, Ace Hardware does not sell Frog Tape :( and Benjamin Moore paint is a lot more than Valspar or Olympic. I'm talking double the price for a gallon. So that was a little shock, then when we started painting we noticed the paint didn't seem to be drying the same color all around. The first wall looked good, then it was gradually getting more red, great. We ended up having to go over all of the walls again because the spots we had touched up at the end were drastically different. Yikes. But we made it work and we really love how the room looks now! It's very warm and looks great with the wood trim. I hope you like it as much as we do!


After: Ta Da!

We've hung pictures up on the walls since I took these... I need to find that charger asap and post pics again. And we did a little diy on the candleabra - will post later.


Emily said...

I just saw a commercial for Frog tape this morning and I'm kinda kicking myself for not knowing about it until now ... since we've painted most of our house! The dining room looks great, by the way!

opal said...

Wow, What a difference! Looks great!