Monday, March 22, 2010

Snowy First Day of Spring!

Saturday marked the first day of spring.  Saturday also brought a snow storm to Oklahoma! So while it looked like this outside, we vegged out and took care of some household chores.

image taken in Tulsa, found here.

Cooper and Nigel stared out the window hoping it would stop so they could bark at cats in the backyard...

Then Cooper got tired...

Sunday we were determined to do the taxes. I told Dave if he started them I'd make this delicous snack and it worked!

Yes, those are jalapeno's stuffed with chicken and cheese, wrapped in bacon! How could he say no?
I got the recipe from the Pioneer Woman, if you haven't heard of her you're missing out! Check out all of her recipes here. I love how she has step by step directions with pictures, I'm a cooking amateur and these are incredibly helpful! The jalapeno recipe called for only 3 ingredients in case you're wondering. I added chicken b/c I was making chicken salad (inspired by emily) at the same time and thought why not? Her cookbook is #1 on my birthday wish list.

I'm happy to say we finished the taxes! Probably due to the jalapeno incentive... Then we can start the countdown to the refund! Yay! So far a new TV for the living room is at the top of the list. And I'm pushing for a new TV for the bedroom so the tube tv can get out of the way of my dresser! Again - sorry for all the iphone pics the camera cord hunt was unsuccessful again...

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