Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fell for Fall

I'd like to introduce you to my Top 2 Faves for Fall!
 (Just me and some pals taking a leisurely fall walk down to the neighborhood liquor store for some Champy!)

#1: Soup! (the easiest commuters lunch)
I just inhaled a bowl of Charleston's Baked Potato Soup! OMG it's so good I might have a problem - I've ordered it to-go at least 3 times in the past 2 weeks... What? It's $5 a bowl and they bring it to your car!
(Of course I HAD to get a croissant too! I think they're made with crack!)

#2 Boots!! (sometimes with the fur!)
I know some of you might think outfit pictures are silly - they really are helpful when you're as indecisive as me when it comes to picking your clothes in the morning. It became Fall here pretty abruptly and we had to dress "more professionally" for work this week and I was stumped. Luckily I had taken a few outfit pictures last fall/winter and was able to get dressed super quick this morning! Yay for not having to try on 5 things, messing up the bedroom in the process!
Here's the pic I used from last year, BUT I'm wearing different boots today.
I saw these boots the other day and fell madly in love... I decided they had to be mine they're too warm and cute to pass up! Plus, they were sold out everywhere online and I didn't want to wait and not be able to get them. Sooo I went back to Dillards! Boom Sold!
Did I mention you can wear them up OR down?
I'm in love! I can't wait to sport them around Crested Butte this winter!


Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

so so cute! great pair of boots!

katie@tulsadetails said...

Love the boots --- and it is totally confirmed - Charleston's does make their croissants with crack. I asked.

Sweet Simplicity said...

I LOVE the potato soup at Charleston's! It is oh so yummy.