Friday, December 16, 2011

Gameday Re-caps

I seriously slacked on the game day recaps here... and I really have no excuse except that they were so wildly fun that I was completely out of commission every Sunday this fall.
For the OU vs Missouri game - it was Dave and I's turn to do the main dish so we opted for a Mexican theme and I made taco salad!
 We acted like the wind screen was a step and repeat and it turned out awkward per usual..
Our tailgating neighbors let us borrow their Shark head for some pics, beer pong was played, Renea was surprised with Birthday cupcakes and Rex made friends with the opposing team's fans. Just a usual tailgate. :)
We enjoyed a win and a beautiful sunset over the stadium!
 And the after-game...

We took it easy before the Ball State Game and relaxed at our old house with it's new tennant, Brent before the game. It was a nice change of pace. And made me very nostalgic about our old abode. at least I didn't cry this time... awkward...

Since we didn't pre-game too hard we decided to After-game with friends! 
And that was Ball State.

We celebrated lil Meg's birthday at the Texas Tech Tailgate and went ALL out! It was the most successful tailgate of the year...followed by the worst storm (lost our good tent) and followed by an upsetting loss.
Before the storm and the game, much fun was had by all!
All the cool kids were there.
Dave questioned why Florence and the Machine was on the GameDay playlist, which prompted Ashley and I into a full on dance party. Wait is it a party if there's just 2 of you dancing? Either way I think we proved that Florence and the Machine belongs on the playlist.

Lots of beer pong happened..

Matt and I beat like everyone, I say that b/c I honestly can't remember who all we beat. It was pretty incredible. So incredible that it warranted this photo collage.

Then right before game time sky turned this crazy color...
And the guys tried to figure out what to do with everything...

Then it poured and the game was delayed an hour and a half then we lost and it sucked and that's the end of that gameday.

'Til next season Sooner Fans! 

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