Thursday, December 1, 2011

Seeeester Visit!

The weekend before Thanksgiving I hopped on a short hour long plane ride to visit the sis in Lawrence. It was relaxed and fun as any sister visit should be, it's always nice to visit your sister because you don't have to think twice about borrowing their clothes, shoes, accessories, hairbrush, deodorant, wine, and the list goes on.

  •  We spent at least an hour in the brand spankin new H&M that just opened in the Plaza in Kansas City, then hit up Brio for some delicious wine, pizza and pasta!
  •  After dinner we headed to Juls house in Lawrence, it should probably be called a Brothel b/c 8 girls live there. She lives on the 3rd floor in what she calls her "nook" and what I'd call a converted attic. Regardless it was cozy and cute, and it's no wonder her butt's in shape b/c those stairs are no joke. I forgot my phone in there twice and had to run up and then back down. phew!
  • I have no pictures from this night b/c I felt like crap (stupid cold!) 
  • One of Julia's roommates asked if I was her older or younger sister! hah! That was pretty cool!
  • Juls got me drugged up on Allegra D and I was feeling MUCH better the next day! Turns out the over the counter cold medicine is worth the extra $10
  • The next day we slept in and drove around Lawrence before stuffing our faces at lunch on their campus corner. (Queso and a grilled chicken sandwich w/ avocado and bacon does a body good)
  • We quickly decided we'd seen all we needed to see in Lawrence and headed back to Kansas City
  • More shopping at The Plaza occurred. 
  • Juls good friend Carolyn,was nice enough to let us crash at her super cute apartment, so we got ready there and all went out to dinner
  • Tapas and Sangria! Juls was taken back to Barcelona, the restaurant was called La Bodega and I highly recommend it if you're ever in Kansas City! 

  • I must have asked Carolyn where she got 15 things in her apartment, it was SO cute! Made me miss the days of single living where you can have pink pillows and nobody objects! haha!
  • We cabbed it to a couple of different bars, I couldn't tell you the name of them if my life depended on it, but they were fun! 
  • As we got to the first bar we got to see the last play of the OU game where Baylor beat us and this led to more drinking than usual...

 Things I learned in Kansas City:
  • I can't drink like a 21 year old anymore.
  • If you text the ESPN alerts back they don't respond
  • I shouldn't ever book a flight for before noon after going out with 21 year olds.
  • Getting selected for a random pat down when you feel like death is the worst
  • Having to walk through the airport barefoot to get to the pat down room makes you feel like a criminal
  • There's no good food at the Kansas City airport to help aid you if you happen to be hangover, there's a quizno's and a snack stand, no help for someone who might want McDonald's breakfast
  • I need to visit my sister more.


Anonymous said...

Love it! Had such a great time!!! And definitely agree with your last statement :)

Jax said...

hah... I love the texting the ESPN alerts... freaking awesome. My roomie went to the new H&M in KC, too. I was trying not to act as jealous as I really was/am! :)