Friday, December 9, 2011


I know I'm super late posting this but it's been crazy around our house! Dave is studying for boards non-stop which leaves most of the cleaning, decorating, and Christmas shopping to me! I'm cool with it though... it'll pay off eventually right?

Anyways, here's our Thanksgiving re-cap!
We packed up our xbox and our kinect so have some Miggins family Kinect fun! We played for at least 12 hours while we were there! It was a hit!

Wednesday night we went out to dinner at Elote with AnneMarie and her bf Adam, and Patti and Nick (pre-engagement)

Elote was having their weekly Luchador wrestling matches so there were some characters walking around.. it was super fun! We had some amazing fried avocado tacos and their famous puffy tacos!
The boys were instant bffs with Adam. He's a keeper AnneMarie...

After dinner we went to the Dust Bowl for some friendly bowling. You have to keep your own score and who knows how to do that? Patti did! Dave and Adam enjoyed the outdoor "boingy" chairs.
Kellie came to join us! Yay!!
It was a blast! I wish we all lived in the same city and could do this every weekend! For reals.
The next day was Thanksgiving and the bowling alley pitchers were not agreeing with us... but we persevered and enjoyed a delicious meal and hours of football.

We enjoyed the vintage look of my grandparents formal living room. And Matt ate too much he fell over.
After Thanksgiving lunch we napped and then headed to Utica Square for Lights On!

There's cocktails in those mugs....
Good times, good food, good family, good Thanksgiving!

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Meagan said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun! I love your brown boots by the way :)