Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Last Minute Gifts...

Last minute gifts I wouldn't mind receiving... and I'm not saying I want you to go crazy and pay $50 for overnight shipping. The regular shipping will do... I'd be happy with a card with a picture of any of these printed out in it saying, "This is on it's way to you!" Heck you can even use this picture! Does it get any easier?

1. 2012 Weekly Planner - $20 or 2. 2012 Monthly Planner - $19.95 3. Chevron pouch bag - $9 4. Any one of these stackable rings - $95 5. Loving the different designs you can customize for these iphone covers - $58 6. Maltese Ornament - $15 7. Cocker Nutcracker Ornament - $10

1 comment:

Hollie Ann said...

I badly need a new iPhone cover! These are adorable!