Friday, December 2, 2011

Sooner Wed!!!

Last weekend my bff Patti got engaged in the cutest way!While they were posing for their "Christmas card picture" Nick had 2 friends hold up a banner he had made and proposed in front of the stadium! SO cute! She was shocked as you can tell!

She said yes! Obviously...

So funny b/c we were just giving Nick a hard time 2 nights before about them not being engaged, and so I guess he told Dave when I wasn't around that he was planning on proposing on Saturday at the tailgate. Dave didn't tell me until we got home and I was SO excited!

Patrick was so happy he cried a holyshit it's windy and cold happy tear! 
 The whole gang ready to celebrate!

If it weren't for the nasty weather we would have partied/tailgated/celebrated at the game however it was nasty so we celebrated at Campus Corner.

So the day before I went to get her some Bridal magazines b/c who doesn't want to start looking right away? Then I got bored on the drive from Tulsa to OKC, thought it'd be even more fun if I made comments in them so it would be like we were reading them together!
I think she got a kick out of some of them...

I'm so happy for my bff Patti who I've been friends with since Kindergarten! That's right folks! Kindygarden! :) I couldn't think of a more perfect person for Patti to be with! Nick's a lucky guy! Congrats friends!!! Can't wait for the big day!!!


katie@tulsadetails said...

Such a cute engagement!!! And I would have LOVED to have bridal magazines the second I got engaged!

Jax said...

What a sweet and surprising proposal! You can tell she looks shocked and so happy! I love it!