Monday, November 22, 2010

Epic Online Shopping Fail!

This weekend was crazy! Some of our best friends got married in Tulsa and it was an absolute blast! (post to come)

I had THE hardest time finding something to wear... I ordered 4 dresses online, that's right 4! And 3 of them went back and as it turns out one was back-ordered for 23 days when I ordered it... way to read the fine print Christine!

Here's the breakdown b/c I know you all care SO much.
I ordered this one first b/c it looked so cute online and the price wasn't bad.
It got here and I knew before I even tried it on that it wasn't going to work... The fit was all sorts of crazy. :(
Then I found the dress I loved and ordered right away, thanks to the Bloomingdales F&F discount it was too cheap to say no.
Be sure and read the fine print if you need this dress by a certain time. ;)
So, back to the drawing board I went... I found this dress at Free People and ordered... it showed up and was so unflattering I couldn't believe it.
And my last hope was this black ditty that I had seen in Norman and when I went back it was gone :(
Thanks to my terrible memory I ordered the wrong size and it showed up way too big. :(
Oh and it was my last hope because it arrived 2 days before I needed to wear it.
Epic Online Shopping Fail.

Luckily I had a couple hours on Friday before we had to leave to find something... 
Bcbg at Dillards to the rescue!
I tried on this one first and LOVED it! I felt very Blair Waldorf-esque wearing it, which is always a good feeling!

 Too bad I forgot to look at the price before I tried it on... $398 is a little steep.

Then I tried on a couple other duds before I found THE one! (Why am I acting like this is my wedding? I'm just in the house party?? B/c I am insane people, you should know that by now!)
Finally, after months of searching, I got the cutest dress for our bff's wedding!

I always take dressing room pics...must be from seeing Clueless one too many times. They come in handy when I need a second opinion and I'm shopping alone.

btw - all the dresses I ordered were free shipping and free returns so don't worry I didn't waste $$$ just lots of my time and effort!

I know I'm insane... please feel free to make fun of me in the comments.


The Hawes & Houchin Group said...

oh my! i love the Blair Waldorf dress! wait for it to go on sale 80% and you can get it for the next occasion!

eas said...

I take dressing room pics all of the time too! It has stopped me from buying many "mistake" dresses!!!!!

BTW the dress you picked is fabulous!

katie@tulsadetails said...

Love the dress! I still think Blair Waldorf would be proud!

Anonymous said...

love the dress you picked. Actually, I love them all.

COme help me shop :)