Thursday, September 23, 2010

Daydream Believer

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming or wondering about the most mundane things?

I do this a lot, Dave reassures me that everyone wonders about stupid things.

On our recent trip to Florida we stopped and stayed at a Holiday Inn Express in Mississippi (still fun to spell). This particular hotel was a little dated but still in good shape, and somehow I found myself wondering about the hotel owner. When he bought the hotel did he furnish it with things he knew would last a while or did he buy stuff on the cheap knowing that he'd be replacing them every 10 years or so to keep the place up to date? I really wanted to know, so I had to come clean to Dave about all of my daydreaming/general wonders about the world around me.

Me: "Do you think whoever owns this hotel bought that chair knowing he'd be replacing it every 10 years or so b/c it's ugly and out of date? And what about the curtains? Do they plan on changing these things?"
Dave: "Um, I bet they plan on changing them sometime but I doubt this actual Holiday Inn is in any hurry."Me: "Is it weird that I think about these things?"
Dave: gives me a weird look, "No, everybody daydreams babe. Just don't be afraid to dream bigger than the room your in"
Me: "Ok, I'll try and keep that in mind"

As we continued our 15 hour road trip, I found myself wondering about other little things and I now knew it was ok and I wasn't alone. So I wasn't afraid to share my wonders.

Me: "Why did it take Wendy's 25 years to come up with the spicy chicken nugget? They've had the nugget forever and the spicy chicken sandwich for as long as I can remember. I really hope somebody lost their job for not coming up with it sooner."
Dave: "Yeah can you imagine being in the meeting where the guy comes up with it? Uh I was thinking we've got the spicy stuff already so why don't we just merge it with the nuggets?"
Me: "Yeah what an asshole."

Later on, after stopping for snacks...

Me: "And why did it take so long to come up with all the new m&m flavors? Why did we grow up with just regular and peanut? It really took someone this long to figure out how to put peanut butter or pretzels in there?"
Dave: "Yeah that's pretty amateur, maybe you should get a job coming up with these ideas for food companies"
Me: "I know, I totally would have come up with peanut butter m&m's way before reeses pieces were around"
Dave: "You should put that on your resume"
Me: "I will."
Hours later, after getting stuck in traffic because of a wreck.....

Me: "Do you think that when someone calls 911 to report a wreck on the highway the person that answers asks which side of the highway it's on? Like is it closer to the fast lane or the slow lane?"
Dave: "No, why would you think that? I'm sure they're just like shit there's a wreck I'll ring the bell"
Me: "Well, how did that ambulance know to take the shoulder on the fast lane? He obviously knew it would be on that side and didn't waste his time going down the other shoulder."
Dave: "Maybe you're right."

I sensed he was getting annoyed with my ramblings so I kept them to myself for the next couple of days.
Then I was hit with one I had to know the answer to...

(While laying on the beach - clearly not the best time to bug someone.)
Me: "What do you think the chair guy does in the winter? Does he make enough money in the summer to survive through the winter?"
Dave: "I don't know babe, I bet he has a winter job. Maybe he's Santa at the mall."
Me: "Is that what you really think or are you being an ass?"
Dave: "Why don't you ponder that for a while."

To respond I gave him this look:

What do you all wonder about?
Do you share your wonders with your significant other or just keep them to yourself?


opal said...

I wonder how you find time to do everything you do....

katie@tulsadetails said...

I think we think alike!

smithpeasinapod said...

Hahaha I love this! You two are totally adorable. I think it's sweet that he comes up with answers for your questions! It's important to ponder the small things in life :)