Monday, September 13, 2010

Tucker for Target

So after seeing Posessionistas purchases I had to check out the Tucker for Target line myself. Yay! Something to do on my lunch hour! :)

Luckily, working in Norman, Oklahoma not too many people rushed out to check out the line on the first day! I was able to find everything I liked in my size.

Onto the pictures:
Tucker for Target - Signature Blouse in Cream - Purchased!

Warning - the above top runs really big. Expect to size down one or 2 sizes.

Multi-Colored Painted Flowers Dress - Purchased! Can't decide where I'll wear it but it was too cute to leave behind!

Tucker for Target - Herringbone Trench - was super cute on but had no closure except for the tie belt. It was also pretty wrinkled. - Didn't purchase but liked!

Tucker for Target - Boucle Dress - This was cute and definitely comfortable but it just wasn't my style.

Tucker for Target - Back Ruffle Dress - Oops I guess I tried this on backwards. It was very cute, very static clingy and kinda short. Didn't purchase but like it.. Maybe I should have tried the next size up?

Tucker for Target - Black Tunic Dress - Purchased! I definitely saved the best for last here. I have a feeling I will be living in this thing in the next couple weeks. with some boots and a belt or possibly just flats. Love love love it! Go to target and check this line out - there's something for everyone at Great Prices!
SideNote - Can't wait for the GG premiere tonight!

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melissa said...

Love the black tunic dress! I would never have given it a second look from the picture on the website but it looks great on you! Gotta love a versatile black dress.