Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Mash Up!

My allergies are killing me, causing me to be on Sudafed, which is in turn causing me to be incredibly brain flustered. (Is brain flustered even a term? It's the only thing I can think of to describe the feeling, so deal with it)
I wish I felt good enough for happy hour.. {image via}

We were invited to go to our favorite restaurant for dinner last night with Dave's parents and had to turn them down due to this annoying allergy situation. :( Luckily we had gone there on Thursday night because my bff Patti was in town and we wanted to show her a good time!
This was our view at dinner that night! Tell me a better view you've had from the middle of Oklahoma City?

 Friday night we introduced our Norman friends (not for long) Lindy and Ryan to Republic! Everyone was thoroughly pleased and full! And I got to wear my new black maxi dress that Emily and Marissa convinced me to buy - Thanks guys I love it!

Saturday we spent the day tailgating in Norman, it was a hot beast but we powered through!

I skipped the game this week and opted for watching it at Lindy's air conditioned house instead. Great decision seeing how the Sooners kept everyone on their feet until the end again...
Lindy and I had a photo shoot with her dog Mona, this was the best we could do!

After the game, we packed up all the tailgating gear and then headed to NY Pizza for a slice and a visit with friends we couldn't see before the game.

Dave's happy I'm taking pictures instead of helping..

Special thanks to Kyle for helping on Sat! We couldn't have done it without you!
Me and Taryn, I almost wore the same top as her! Gameday options are slim pickins..
(Notice the repeat top on me - It wasn't planned, I had to change due to extreme heat and sweat while setting up the tailgate. It's better this way, trust me.)

Dave had pocket shots at the game... which led to this conversation:
Me: Will you get me some ranch while you're up there?
Dave: No.
Me: Please?
Dave: I love you.
Me: smirks
Dave: (gets up and comes back with ranch)

Can't wait for OU vs Texas in 2 weeks with these 2! Taryn - we need to talk outfits!

On Sunday, I tried to get my sinuses in order but wasn't able to accomplish much. We did manage to pick up our new dresser! We've got it moved in but not all the way arranged yet so here's a pic to hold you over.
Cooper wanted to help.

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