Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lunch-Hour Shopping Trip Scores!

Monday morning came and I knew I had a mission for the week. Luckily, it coincided with Emily's mission for the week. We had 4 days to complete our mission, and we accomplished it in 2.  I'm pretty proud of us.

Our mission: find something cute to wear this weekend for OU vs. Texas (who has dropped to being ranked 21 btw).

Monday we set out to see if the Lauren Conrad line at Kohl's had anything. Big time Fail. Kohl's kinda sucked. Now I know why I've never gone there. No offense to anyone who loves Kohl's, I'm sure you can find great things there, I was just completely overwhelmed by how many racks there were to go through.

We also hit up one of the local boutiques on Campus Corner and came back empty handed. Well, I got 3 tacos from Chipotle because they apparently won't let you buy just one. But clothing wise - we felt defeated.

No worries folks, day 1 was a bust but day 2, well day 2 was a total success!

I went to Payless in search of some cute cheap shoes and found nothing cute. Fail.
I went to Forever21 in search of a cute tank top to wear with my J.Crew Pixie Pants. Found no tanks. Fail.
But did find this cute cardigan - I got it in olive green which isn't pictured online, so use your imagination.

{Forever21 - Open draped cardigan - here}
Emily did manage to find the one red and white shirt they had in the entire store - so she left happy.
I bet you didn't know we sit next to each other everyday at work?
I'd like to put out a PSA to Forever21 and Dillard's buyers in Norman, Oklahoma: when the fall catalog arrives and you see anything red at all - buy it for your store. People will buy it, trust me. The fact that there are no red shirts anywhere to be found in either of your stores is ridiculous.
end rant.

I left Payless feeling like I'd failed. Now I have to throw something together for this weekend and it'll be in hundreds of pictures on Facebook... :(

We left through Dillards and checked out the tables of Clearance Shoes, I found a pair that were cute but could only find size 10. Surely, the most common shoe size 7 1/2 has already been picked over and these cuties are gone. I ran through all the racks looking for them, and then something happened, a white light came out from the sky and they magically appeared in my size! Perfect!!!!

{No longer available at Dillards online - but found them on Piperlime - here.}

Now I just have to plan an outfit around these cuties! Love the studs and the heel! After I had been eyeing these Adorable Steve Madden's that were just a little too tall for me, so I was Super Pumped to find a similar style with a 2 inch shorter heel! (I can't get a picture to copy over so you'll just have to click the link, sorry!)

I also picked up a super cute winter sweater! Remember last year when I was loving the mountain lodge look? Well I still am, and I couldn't pass up this beauty.
{Aeropostale (don't judge, I saw it walking by the store) Printed Drape Front Cardigan - here.}

I also wanted to share this sweater I got a few weeks ago at Target. It's super comfy and super cute!
I wore it to my first Junior League meeting of the year and got lots of compliments!

{Target - Mossimo Sweater - here}
At $14 who can resist?

 Have you ever had such a successful lunch hour shopping trip?


Sweet Simplicity said...

I love the shoes! Super cute.

Whitney said...

Such a cute blog, Christine! I found it via Emily's. I hope everything is great and I'm excited to follow another Sooner :)