Thursday, January 27, 2011

Busy Planning

I'm busy busy planning our spring break trip to visit my sister in Barcelona. When I first started looking for our trip I realized we'd be there over St. Patrick's Day, which prompted me to see how much a flight from Barcelona to Dublin would be... low and behold RyanAir (the Southwest of Europe) had flights for around $125 round trip. Score! Now we're making spring break a 2-parter.

Part 1: Barcelona!!!
City skyline
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Las Ramblas, "possibly the best street in all of Europe to people watch" - Rick Steves
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Gaudi's Sagrada Familia:
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Picasso Museum:
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and Part 2: Dublin!
Pub Food and Drinks:
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St. Patrick's Day Parade:
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Guinness Brewery:
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Jameson Distillery:
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Cliffs of Moher: (where Princess Bride was filmed)
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I couldn't be more excited! I've seriously got 25 pages bookmarked of things to see, eat, shopping etc. If you have ever been to either of these places please let me know of any suggestions you might have!


katie@tulsadetails said...

Shut up!!!!! So jealous!!!!

Patti said...

The Sagrada Familia could have been the coolest thing I saw when I was backpacking... and we saw it on my first day in Europe! The thing is so ginormous and intricate... it requires at least a few hours. My favorite part was walking up the crazy spiral staircase (when you look up at it from the bottom, it looks like a sea shell) to those little tiny walkways connecting the towers (you can see them in the pic you posted!).

P.S.-- SO jealous of your trip to Ireland! You crazy Irish kids will have such fun!