Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our Christmas Card!

I'm back and WAY late on posting a LOT of things but we were out of town for the majoirty of the holidays  so forgive me for the lateness...

After many failed attempts at a Christmas Card picture, it was too late to try again so I went with a couple pictures from this summer. The card isn't my favorite. I like last years much better. But hey they were free so I took advantage of it.

I was a little disappointed on how dark the photos came out, and the fact that shutterfly doesn't let you zoom in on your pictures. (It does technically let you zoom but it's only about a 15% increase and that's all you can get).

Don't even get me started on the trouble I had making a photobook for my parents. Everything turned out great except the fact that the photo on THE COVER came out blurry. And I was not notified in any way. It was a large enough file so there was no little exclamation point to alert me and the zoom factor looked fine on the screen. Grrrr... I've had so much trouble finding a photo book company that I like. Does anyone have a favorite that I might not know about?

I've tried Shutterfly - blurry photo and layouts you must stick to and cannot edit - fail
Picaboo - I liked this one but the Mac version doesn't allow a photo cover - boo
MyPublisher - my fave so far but it has limited backgrounds, I'm talking 10 options unless you want a solid color and the version for Mac is extremely limited - boo
Anyone know of any others that rock?

Dave edited some pics for me and framed them for Christmas and in hindsight I would have loved to use this pic for our card:

 Hope you all had a great New Year! We had a blast in Crested Butte, I can't wait to show you!


Tiffany said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love yours! :)

I agree on the photo books. I like Shutterfly, but I had the same problem with the layouts and had a couple of blurry pictures. Boo. That sucks that your cover was blurry! I hope someone has a good suggestion...

opal said...

The pic of you and Dave is Great!

Taylor said...

I like my publisher. also, you should look at getpapered.com next year for your photo cards! That is where I work and I am about to start my own stationery line through them! whoo!

katie@tulsadetails said...

Well, you definitely did better than us...not photocards for us this year. Or last. Or any cards for that matter.

I usually use Snapfish for my photobooks. Nothing like a beautiful wedding album, but it is a drag and drop and I find it to be a lot easier than MyPublisher.

Sweet Simplicity said...

I wasn't that impressed with my shutterfly cards either. Other than the fact that they were free and printed on thick paper. I've never had any problems with their photobooks and I have several from them. LOVE the last picture!!

Anonymous said...

The card is cute!! I haven't had much luck with them either!!! I like Blurb for books, they are so so so good.