Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Quest - for a Cute Camera Bag

I'm on a Quest, for a super Cute Camera bag. We just booked our tickets to visit my sister in Barcelona in March. So now, I need to find a new bag to fit the camera and all my junk. I've already given up on finding a "legit" camera bag. There are not any cute ones out there for less than $200. I decided to start looking for just a cross-body bag that will fit the camera + more + will be cute in all my pics from Spain!

I want a more structured bag for this venture. So that I don't end up cramming 30 pounds worth of junk in along with the camera, I'd like to try and keep it organized.

Here's one I fell in love with:
Piperlime - Cole Haan Valise Jenna Bag - $428 (Yeahhhh Right like I'd pay that!)

After searching for something similar, I found 2 very good "Looks for Less" in my opinion.
Which do you like best?
Option 1:
Aldo at ShopStyle
Aldo - Canova - $55

Or Option 2:
Aldo at ShopStyle
Aldo - Cyphert - $45

Which one do you like best?


eas said...

I'm a Canova fan!

katie@tulsadetails said...

V. Cute!! So jealous of your trip!! My vote is for the canova. Also, The TomKat Studio had some really cute camera bags featured a few weeks ago on her site. Not sure what the price was, though! Did you get a good deal on your tickets?

katie@tulsadetails said...

Just came across the site. It is called Jo totes!

smithpeasinapod said...