Monday, January 10, 2011

NYE in CB (part 2)

To continue from Part 1... We all got ready to go out for New Years Eve!

Then we busted out all the NYE party favors!

We had glowsticks, horns, silly string and poppers. We were set!

I only took one picture at dinner... of Taryn and Matt. haha! It's cute of you guys though!
Dinner was deeeeelicious! We ate at Slogar, a family style fried chicken restaurant.
Then we headed out to Talk of The Town (or TacoTown if you've been drinking)

We didn't all make it out... some people were feeling under the weather so there was a separate celebration back at the house.

There was some dancing..

and some glow bracelet ring toss...

and some characters.

Dave and Cross stood guard, not letting the freaks into our area. Look at the girl with the gold armband. Since when did NYE suggest you should dress like you're going to a medieval fair?

Rodine and I both found hats in the bathrooms... this is supposed to be a hardcore face?
Yeah it's not working...

The group that stayed out til Midnight.
The woman who kissed Cross at midnight, then tried to kiss Rodine, only to have him pull away and her flick him in the mouth.
Yeah.. it was time to go.

We walked back in the freezing cold.

That's just the snowdrift they've pushed off the street behind us.
When we got back we played multiple games of asshole in a circle of glowsticks.

Lots of guys ended up being the a-hole. But not me and Chance. We're pros!

Then we busted out dringgaaaa!
In case you don't know, Dringa is Jenga with things written on each block that you must do if you pull out the block. i.e. drink 2 and give out 4, do the macarena and drink 3, bark like a dog and give out 6, put this block right back while drinking... it's always very entertaining!
Thanks to my sis for this awesome Christmas present last year!


After Dringa we watched Out Cold and fell asleep. It was a great New Years Eve!
This is the view from our balcony the next morning.
Happy 2011!

I went up to the mountain to get my ski pass to give to Dave to use for the day.
He covered up the picture, and just pretended he was me :)

New Years Day consisted of laying around watching football and episodes of The League.
Nick taught Patti how to play pool and Gracie was so confused as to why she couldn't play with the balls.

I made sausage balls to watch the OU game, poor Gracie was tortured by them being there.
OU Won!!! And we all retreated to our rooms to pack and rest up for the drive the next day.

byebye CB, until next year...


Anonymous said...

Oh my is absolutely gorgeous there. I'm super jealous. :)

Patti said...

Being sick on NYE? Probably the worst thing ever. :( I'll party double next year! Great post, Tine. We are so fun!

melissa said...

What a fun trip! Glad you had a great NYE!

And I love dringa! What a great idea!