Monday, January 24, 2011

Pixies from Lately

I jazzed up my desk with some new decor for the new year.
It's much more pleasing to look at now!

We went out last Friday to watch our friend Ashley sing:

We had a few drinks..

The band was awesome!
And the bar had a daybed in it so we could all snuggle :)

Then on Saturday after stepping outside for a minute, my plans to lay around all day were ruined by the unusually warm weather.. It just wasn't in the cards to be lazy all day.
So we walked the dogs to the park for a picnic!

We had packed some delicious Lee's Sandwiches.

We let Cooper off his leash for about 30 seconds before a big dog walked by and we had to chase him..
I couldn't stop singing "Saturday In the Park..." It was a lovely little break from the ice cold weather!


Sweet Simplicity said...

I love the little bowl from anthro. I have one in the green color and I want more. They are so pretty.

Emily said...

so much fun!!!
Did you ever decide on a camera bag? I need a new camera bag!!