Friday, January 7, 2011

NYE in CB! (part 1)

We had an absolute blast in Crested Butte over New Years Eve. It was extremely cold, so I opted not to ski and just hung out at our awesome place with everyone while a few brave people skied and snowboarded.

The drive was looooong... and Dave's fantasy football team was in the finals during our drive there. He had me checking the game and his scores simultaneously for a good hour and a half.
He won!!! And both of our phones almost died.. but the important news is he won!! Yay!

The drive the next day was a little scary... visibility was really low, but we made it.
Huge thanks to my Mom for letting us borrow her awesome 4WD car! We couldn't have done it without it!

We were happy to be there, unloaded all the food and more importantly, the drinks.
Check out our "Rapper Fridge"
Yes, that's 8 bottles of champagne up top, and a full drawer of Miller Lite.

The guys checked to see if the hot-tub was heating up and we got started with some beer pong! 
First things first, Rodine found the asshole hat. Phew.

After 15 hours of driving we made it, drinks were in order.
Mmm and queso!

Patti and I kicked Dave and Nick's butts at Beer Pong! Seriously.

We were pumped! This never happens.

Then we played Cross and Rodine, Patti and I were so on our game we took them to overtime. By this time, we were both over it and wanted someone to just win. I'd like to mention I made the coolest shot ever - a running throw shot! Booya! They won but whatevs.

Luckily there was enough tequila to go around... Because after 2 games of beer pong, tequila is what you need to psych yourself up for a hot tub in the freezing cold.

Hot Tub Time!
(not to be confused with Hot Tub Time Machine..)

The next day we met up at the mountain for lunch with everyone!

Taryn and Matt made it and the group was complete!
Patti loves Nick. She clearly wanted me to take this pic.
So proud of Dave for listening to me and renting a helmet. Which, by the way, he said saved his life b/c he took a bad fall. You're welcome for saving your life. :)

Yes, it's an XXL, this guy has the biggest head ever.
We headed back to the house to watch football and nap.
Then, Patti and I made dinner with the help of Dave, Taryn and Chance.

We made Pioneer Woman's 3 cheese Stuffed Shells - they were a huge hit!

Taryn and Matt cleaned up. Isn't Matt's outfit awesome? Taryn says he's always wearing shorts with socks like this. Love it.
While they cleaned, I tried to get my high school rap playlist to work, but then I remembered I have the 1st iphone ever and the headphone jack sucks. (Don't worry I found a way around it and yesterday I got a new iphone!)

Who knows what these 2 are doing?
Rick and Chance cuddled.

Dave and I played Matt and Rodine in... you guessed it! Beer Pong!
I think we played 5 games... And I think they beat us every time. Dave was not on his game.

The next day... we all hailed Nick for making a pan full of nachos! :)
Rodine and I were determined to finish the 500 piece puzzle of Ireland.
He's camera shy I think? Or embarrassed to be doing a puzzle? Who knows?
We did it! Can't believe all the pieces were there. Ahhh so relieved that damn puzzle was done.
Then we all got ready to celebrate New Years Eve!!!
Be back manana with part 2. 


melissa said...

What a great trip! We've had some fridges like that too. I love it! Makes me want to get our college friends together for a little vacation.

Kristin Brooke said...

I so want a rapper fridge

katie@tulsadetails said...

Looks so fun and I like your idea of a stocked fridge ;)!

Sweet Simplicity said...

What a fun trip! I want to go to the mountains!

Emily said...

Looks like NYE was way fun! And, great pic of you and Dave in front of the snow drift -- maybe a contender for next year's Christmas card??