Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Faves!

Sorry I left ya hanging last week with no Friday Faves. I promise I'll make up for it this week with lots of good finds! I'm totally ready for spring... you're not going to find any winter wear in this mix!

Forever 21 - Falling Flowers Top - $14.90

Forever21 - Art Nouveau Dress - $32
Target - Mossimo Sandal - $17.99

Anthro - Skirt The Issue Dress - $118

Banana Republic - Sasha mixed media jersey top - $45

Fossil has a new line of "Vintage Re-Issue" bags and I kinda love them all, but here are my faves:
Click the picture to go to the website.
Fossil at ShopStyle

Fossil at ShopStyle

And my Friday Least Favorite goes to...
I mean really what the heck??
Anthro - Corset Pants - $88

1 comment:

melissa said...

Cute finds! I'm so surprised to see a cute top from Banana - I haven't found anything there in months. But that top looks great for spring weekends.

And whoa - Anthro, those pants are too much. They usually get it right but sometimes I wonder what they were thinking.